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Company profile

Company profile

Xingtai City Tianwei Bicycle Co,.LTD build on April .14th.2008, located in Pingxiang industrial area,Xingtai city,Hebei province , which mainly manufactures and exports the children toys,children battery car,children remote control car,folding bicycle, bicycle and other parts, is one of the biggest manufacturers in our area. it has convenient traffic and superior location. We have more than 120 people in our company with the land area of 36000 square meters, 36of whom are professional technologists and 8 senior engineers. We offer series of bike with ourselves brands named "DSYH", "JINMI"...


Our service advantage

1. Competitive price and quality from our own factory 2. Approved by ISO9001, CCC,CE, SGS every year 3. Best service with 24 hour`s reply 4. Flexible payment with T/T,L/C ,western Union,cash, paypal, kunlun bank, etc 5. Smooth production ability(20000pcs/month) 6. Quick delivery and standard exporting package 7. OEM/ODM service




Contact: Baifeng Liu

Phone: +86 13931921217

Tel: +86 0319-7855777;86-3193296988

Email: tianwei-bicycle@hotmail.com

Add: XUNZHAO ,Pingxiang,Xingtai,Hebei,China

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